I am Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Brooklyn College, City University of New York.  My main areas of research are moral and political philosophy, moral psychology, and experimental philosophy.  I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Australian National University, and I received my Ph.D. from Yale University in 2015.

I am also a co-organizer of the Group for Empirical Approaches to Morality and Society (G.E.M.S.).

Here you’ll find information about my research, teaching experience, and broader philosophical interests.  You can download my CV here.

You can email me at matthew.lindauer@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

My paper “Righting Domestic Wrongs with Refugee Policy” is forthcoming in Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy.

I gave a talk entitled “Philosophical Arguments Can Motivate Charitable Giving” as part of the symposium Nudging Donations: New Insights into Maximizing Charitable Giving at the SPSP Annual Convention in February.

My paper “Conceptual Engineering and Concept Preservation” is out now in Ratio. I gave a colloquium talk on this paper at the Eastern APA in January.

My paper “Experimental Philosophy and the Fruitfulness of Normative Concepts” is out now in Philosophical Studies.

My paper with Marcus Mayorga, Joshua Greene, Paul Slovic, Daniel Västfjäll, and Peter Singer, “Comparing the Effect of Rational and Emotional Appeals on Donation Behavior,” is out now in Judgment and Decision Making.

My paper with Justin Bruner, “The Varieties of Impartiality, or, Would an Egalitarian Endorse the Veil?,” is out now in Philosophical Studies.